Monday, 2 May 2016

Private Schools Council (PSC)

Private Schools Council (PSC)

Following the drafting of the Public Private Partnership Strategy in Education (PPP/E) in Uganda, Uganda National Association of Private Schools and Institutions (UNAPSI) is establishing a Private Schools Council (PSC) to support some of the proposed programs and frameworks.

The Private Schools Council will bring together associations of private schools, private education industry leaders, stakeholders and suppliers, private schools parents and principals. The Private Schools Council will be a club of dedicated independent private schools industry leaders and professionals working out of their offices which will be assisted by the contributions from expert advisory groups in specialist areas. Priorities will be set by the executive led by our Chairman. We are continuously tasked by our members to protect and promote the sector in everything we do. The council will identify issues and facilitate capability development efforts to uplift standards in Uganda’s private education industry.

The Private Schools Council will represent the interests of the private schools sector on a national basis such as in relation to Government funding, taxes and representation on national policy making bodies. The council will be represented on areas like private secondary schools, private primary schools, private institutions, private universities, private kindergarten, parents, private education consumer, education material suppliers, tax consultants, research institutions and academia, national chambers of commerce and other relevant bodies and personnel.

Our Vision: PSC will have effective representation of independent private schools, working closely with industry leaders, member associations to promote choice, diversity and partnership in education and advocating for the provision of ongoing, sustainable levels of Uganda Government support.
Our Mission: PSC will serve and support its members by:
  • Establishing a national advocacy for private schools sector in Uganda
  • Providing strong and effective representation of the private education sector to Uganda Government and other stakeholders
  • Promoting choice, diversity and autonomy
  • Highlighting the contribution of independent private schools to Uganda through quality education and innovation
  • Securing appropriate level of Government support for students in private schools in Uganda

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