Friday, 11 April 2014

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

National Minimum Standards for Independent Private Schools in Uganda: Inspecting Independent Private Schools in Uganda.

National Minimum Standards for Independent Private Schools in Uganda:
Inspecting Independent Private Schools in Uganda.

The Uganda National Association of Private Schools and Institutions (UNAPSI) is, along with specialists in the private education sector, developing a number of policies and minimum standards with clear and measurable guidelines to assist the independent schools sector in self-regulation and standardization.
The clear amount of independent private schools and institutions in Uganda is not known and Uganda National Association of Private Schools and Institutions (UNAPSI) plans to inspect the educational provision of this sub-sector on behalf of the Ministry of Education (MOES), which is the registering authority for all independent private schools. The proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) : Independent Private Schools between UNAPSI and the Ministry of Education sets out how we will cooperate with the Ministry of Education (MOES) in order to exercise our respective functions in the delivery of inspections of independent private schools. This will be done under the self-regulation arrangement.

The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that independent private schools comply with the MOES Independent Private Schools Standards  - National Minimum Standards which specify the provision a school should make.

In inspecting independent private schools, UNAPSI will use the powers granted by MOES and the constitution. We shall carry out standard inspections of educational provision in independent private schools on a periodical cycle depending on how well the school performed at its last inspection.

All standard inspections will result in a report which will be availed to the Ministry of Education and relevant authorities.

Schools will be visited to follow up on progress in implementing a compliance and standardization action plan. This will usually only happen if an education or welfare inspection showed that a school was not meeting some independent school standards or the requirements of the National Minimum Standards.

The Ministry of Education may also request us to undertake further inspections of a school where the school is proposing a change of proprietor, address, age range, number or gender of boarders, or if pupils with special educational needs join the school. We may also be asked to undertake an emergency inspection where they have concerns about a school or would like us to investigate a specific matter.
New schools will be inspected prior to opening to check that they meet the requirements for registration. Schools receive an inspection which takes place around the first anniversary of their registration to ensure continuing compliance. 

In a climate of limited resources, strategic engagement with the private sector associations provides education programs with both an opportunity and an obligation. There is an opportunity to widen access, lengthen sustainability, improve quality and reduce costs of monitoring standards and compliances, through a variety of approaches. However, the private sector cannot be considered a panacea. There is also an obligation to actively engage with the private sector at sub-national and national level to plan and design programs and strategies which ensure quality in the independent private schools sector in Uganda.

Creating awareness and educating the public on the minimum standards that should be expected from the private education sector is a key element to the UNAPSI's programs.

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